Legal Services


As a company we want to make sure our clients have the information they require to run their business successfully. We know that by helping our clients succeed we in turn succeed. Please see below for a brief overview of our legal services.


Below is a list of the different types of agreements we have experience in creating:

  • Loan Agreement.
  • Sale and Purchase of Shares Agreement.
  • General Engagement of Services Agreement.
  • Agency Agreements.
  • Employment and Assignment Agreements.
  • Lease Agreements.
  • General Agreements.
  • Shareholders Agreement.


Legal Documents

Service Pro has experience in creating a variety of legal documents for clients. Legal documents are written in such a way to state some contractual relationship or grant some rights. Below is a short list of some of the main legal documents we can prepare for our clients:

  • Special power of Attorney.
  • General power of Attorney.
  • Corporate governance for companies.
  • Preparation of meetings.
  • Resolutions.
  • Any other statutory documents.

In addition to the services listed above we can also review contracts for clients and re-draft the contract if necessary. If the client requires, we can even arrange to draft a new contract to meet a specific need. For those interested we ask that our client provide complete information regarding the type of contract they require, so that we can determine if possible for us to deliver.

We Are Here to Provide Help

We have over 30 years of consultancy experience in business and we strive to deliver.